We’re up in Picardie for a couple of days celebrating Christmas with Cécile’s family before shooting back to Lyon to collect Jamie for Christmas Part II: Electric Boogaloo. I didn’t bring my running gear this time as I am spending a couple of days reading, relaxing, getting in the sleep I didn’t seem to get in the last few weeks, and just wandering around the villages nearby.

This morning I wanted to get a nice walk in before lunch so I headed out at about 9:30am for a loop of sorts. Having run around the area before I sort of knew my way around and I figured I could make a loop of about 90 minutes or so from home, along the canal, through a couple of villages, and then back again.

I started off moving through the village of La Fere and passing the small stores, most of which were closed on this Sunday morning. A few were open – the bakery, a toy shop seeking to nail couple of last minute sales – but most were locked up and, I suspect, had owners who were tucked up in bed.

Leaving the village I dropped down next to the canal and headed out to follow my nose towards Beautor. It’s not like there are strict limits between La Fere and Beautor, mind you, they just sort of blend into each other and then – bam – a sign informs you that you’ve entered a new village. I turned off the canal, headed away from the water, and set my sights on Deuillet, a nice 3 or 4 kilometer walk away.

There was a bit of mud and not always a lot of pathway, but I enjoyed myself listening to Ten Junk Miles after finishing off the end of the Ultra Stories podcast I had started the day before. With Sherpa John and Scotty in my ears, I turned left at Deuillet and pointed myself towards the village of Andelain. There wasn’t much there besides a bigger of a hill, but I pushed on with the next stop being Charmes.

Charmes is a nice little village and I knew I was getting close to home again when I passed a park where Jamie and I had played a year or two ago. A quick traverse of the road, a left turn at the florist, and I was back home again with a spring in my step and fresh air in my lungs.

Distance: 10.7km

Elevation: 43m

Time: 1:31:55


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