I had about 13 kilometers to get in today and the only other thing I had planned was watching the final stage of the Tour de France. This meant I could either get the run out of the way before the race, or wait until afterwards and run off a little bit of the frustration that Chris Froome had won yet again after the race. I chose the former, if only because I want to get a longer run in tomorrow and the more hours my body has to recuperate the better that run should be.

I decided to check out one of the parks I always get close to but never really remember entering before: the Parc de Gerland. This park is on the banks of the Rhone a little further down from the confluence of the two rivers and near the old stadium of the local soccer team. I had always run up to its entrance but never gone in so, on this lazy Sunday morning, I thought I would give it a try.


I headed off down the Soane towards Confluence, then cut around the Museum and crossed over the Pont Raymond Barre to the entrance to the Parc de Gerland. Where normally I would turn and head up the Rhone river, this time I continued downriver and found myself quickly surrounded by other runners who clearly fancied this as a spot to get in some miles. I passed a bunch of people running in twos and threes, and a couple of families out for walks, too, and then curved around near the soccer stadium to find myself very close to where I will soon be working. This was at about the 7.5 kilometer mark and I stored that information away just in case I ever want to fit in a nice 15 kilometer daily commute to and from the new job.

Heading back into the city center I picked up a cross wind and then a very welcome headwind that, while slowing me down a little, also had the effect of cooling me off significantly. I climbed the stairs at Guillotiere, took a roundabout route near the Place Bellecour, and then headed for home to click stop on the Garmin at Jacobins.

This brought up the 80 kilometers for the week (well Strava says 79.9km, Garmin says 79.95km, and I say close enough) and another strong week of preparation for the run in England.

Distance: 13km

Elevation: 40m

Time: 1:03:19


Image by Julien Reboulet.

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