It’s Sunday and time for the second run in my return to training after the 100km de la Somme. I think it has gone smoothly and I am happy to report that I remain uninjured and, as things turned out, the form I had going into the 100K seems to have stuck around. This is good news as I head into the final weeks of heavy training before the Saintelyon and the end of the year.

The goal for the week was to get about 25km and about two-and-a-half hours in on my feet. I had already knocked over 10km with the Wednesday night Lyon Running Club group run, and so that meant a nice and steady 15km Sunday afternoon sortie was all that was required to close things out for the week.

The only thing holding me back? The weather, which was freezing cold this morning when Cécile and I went out to do some shopping. I wore my ski jacket and felt the cold bite my ears a little even in the tightly packed market by the Saone. For this reason, when I headed out this afternoon, I did so dressed for the cooler temperatures: a polar technical shirt, gloves, ear warmers, and legs covered in tights and calf sleeves for keep me warm down below.

I was ready to run in the cold…but it soon turned out I had made a mistake.


Within about a kilometer of getting started I realized that I was well overdressed. I was sweating beneath the polar shirt and I undid the quarter zip on the front to try and cool off a bit. I rolled the sleeves up shortly afterwards and this helped a little, but my head was warming up from the ear warmers and my hands were sweating in the gloves. Whatever cold had been there this morning had disappeared by the time I hit the path next to the Soane and headed towards the Isle Barbe. I didn’t want to strip the gloves and ear warmers off as I would just end up having to carry them, so instead I settled in to a hotter-than-ideal run.

As it happened, I was running strong heading out towards the Isle Barbe. I knocked out sub-4:45 splits in the first three kilometers, then averaged under 4:35 for the next three kilometers. This is a fairly nice pace for me, especially as I was just heading out in the first half of a 15km effort. Could I keep it up?

Heading up the hill at the Montée Castellane the answer was a clear ‘no’ but this was to be expected. After all, I was climbing and I averaged 5:20 for the two kilometers I was heading up the hill and over the top there. I was only about 60 seconds off my best time for the hill climb itself and more than a minute quicker than the last time I headed up there at the start of the month before the 100K.

I had a little trouble finding a safe place to cross the road to make it onto the Voie de la Dombes and head for home, but I eventually made it through the traffic, then through a park and onto the trail. I followed my nose all the way to the Croix Rousse, cut behind the Vogue, and then headed down from the plateau to the base of the Jardins des Plantes, to Terreaux, and then turned for home on the Rue du President Herriot. I closed out the run with a second 7.5km split only 8 seconds slower than the first half for a pretty consistent 15K outing including uphills and downhills.

Overall, despite the poor clothing choise, not bad for a Sunday afternoon and I’m ready for the week of training to come.

Distance: 15.4km

Elevation: 112m

Time: 1:13:35


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