I woke up to rain outside my window this morning but knew that it would be my only chance to get a run in today. I took my time getting ready but it wasn’t more than about half an hour before I was out the door and stepping into the downpour.

The plan was, like yesterday, to get back into the swing of running again. I wanted to run a little longer than yesterday’s ten kilometers but nothing too crazy. If I could get fifteen kilometers in the bank I would be happy and running in the rain is usually good fun as long as it is not too heavy.

Unfortunately it would not turn out that way.


I headed towards the Parc de la Feyssine crossing over the footbridge as I did the day before but headed through the center of the park today. I was pretty sure that the tents and activities from the day before would not be there but I decided not to take any chances and stuck to the wooden slats that form a walkway through the middle of the trees. At the end of the park I followed the river around towards Vaulx-en-Velin and eventually pulled off the trail at Laurent Bonnevay.

I crossed back over the footbridge and dropped into Villeurbanne heading for home. Then, at about the 11.5km mark, I felt a twinge, and then a pull, in my right calf. This was not normal and I immediately slowed to a walk and decided to give it a few minutes to loosen up.

I walked gently for about a kilometer and then started jogging a little slower than before. I was still conscious of the pulling in my calf and was taking it relatively easy. It was hard to ignore and as I moved down into Lyon and then through the sixth arrondissement I could still feel the pulling. I thought I would make it back over the river without stopping again but, as I approached the Place Marechal Lyautey I decided that pushing it further on a training run was just silly. I slowed, stopped, clicked off the Garmin, and walked the kilometer or so back home.

After a shower and a change of clothes I can still feel the calf muscle and I think it is more of a strain than a tear. Either way, though, I think I’ll take it easy tomorrow and keep getting back into things slowly. I’ve no real rush ahead of the ramp up for the 50 miler in September and June will be busy enough moving house, anyway, to worry about distance too much.

Distance: 15.3km

Elevation: 28m

Time: 1:19:36


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