I’m a week out from the 50 mile run on the Thames Path and I am feeling, well, pretty good.

I’ve got the training miles done that I hoped to have done by now. The only week I haven’t run quite as much as I wanted to is this week, and I think that a run tomorrow morning – slow and steady, of course – will get me within about 10km of where I wanted to be, anyway. I have not really had any injuries to speak off, just a little pain this week that lasted a day or so. In short, the body is ready to go.

I’ve got all the equipment sorted that I think I’ll need. I’ll be going with 3/4 tights, compression sleeves on my calves, some comfortable hiking socks I’ve been using to run for a year now, and my Terra Kiger 3’s that I’ll have a little more than 400km on by the time I step onto the trail in Windsor. Up top I’ll have a technical shirt I’ve run a lot in before, my Camelbak Circuit hydration pack, and a new pair of sunglasses because why not, right?

I’m going to bring my phone as I’m in a foreign country and getting lost would be a little more problematic than getting lost in Lyon. I’ll take the iPod shuffle, too, and a enough food to get me at least half way through the run. Having read the guidebook, I don’t foresee any major issues getting some additional calories in along the way.

About the only non-standard items I’ll be taking are a portable charger and the cable for my Garmin as, depending on how long I take to run, there’s a reasonable chance my watch won’t make it all the way to the end before it loses its way.

I’m flying into London with a free day before the run to get food, catch up with my parents, and get prepped for the weather which – fingers crossed – will be fine and cool.

All in all, a week out, I’m feeling good, feeling confident, and looking forward to the run.

Bring it on!

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