It’s about a month now before the first big hit out of the season: the Saint-Fons 6 Hour.

I’ve been looking forward to this race since I ran the Ploeren 12 Hour race back in December. It’s more manageable in terms of time and far easier logistically than the long trip to Brittany. I set a goal of 60km some time ago and I think that is still a good goal to keep and – fingers crossed – in a month’s time I’ll be able to report that I hit the target.

The only thing I’m really worried about before the race is fitness. I have been unlucky enough to have had a couple of minor injuries in the last couple of months and this has impacted my preparation significantly. First with the periostitis in my right leg that necessitated a couple of weeks off from training, and now with this left calf strain that is all about fixed up but still has cost me most of this week.

I don’t think I am losing a lot of fitness but it is frustrating. What’s more, I am losing the time on my feet that I really want to get in before the race as I was really hoping to have done some regular longer runs of the 3 to 4 hour length to get me ready and now the time to get that sort of training in is getting short.

The rule, however, is not to rush it. After all, I have 30 days in which to get myself in gear and make sure I line up at the start in the best shape I can be. It won’t be quite as rip-raring to go as in Ploeren, but then I know that my super good form was in part to blame for going out as hard as I did there, a decision that eventually did me in.

To hit 60km in the six hours I have on course I need to average 6 minute kilometers. I should be able to average 5 minute kilometers or faster for at least the first four hours and that should mean I can ease off a little in the last two hours. Anything over 60km is going to be considered a bonus, and if I managed to hit 67km and set a distance mark for myself I would be over the moon.

With a month to go I think it is possible – fingers crossed.

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