All this week I have been taking things easy, getting back into the training groove and testing out my previously injured leg. My short run with Jamie last Saturday morning was without issues, my Monday early morning hit out was similarly fine, and the ten kilometers I ran Wednesday night with the Lyon Running Club was pain free.

The final two runs in my return-to-training program are today’s effort and an additional two-hour effort planned for Sunday. Assuming that both of these go well, I get back into running heavier miles on Monday.

The primary goal of today’s run was just to get the time on my feet in at a faster pace than the hour I spent running on Wednesday night. A secondary goal was to decompress after a stressful week at work and breathe in the evening air as the weekend arrives in our little city here in France.


There was nothing very special about the route today. I planned to head up to the Croix Rousse, pass over to Cuire, and then run the Voie de la Dombes. I figured I could make it to the end of the trail, turn around and head back towards home and – if I was on a good pace – finish in about an hour at home.

Cécile changed the plan a little when, just as I was leaving, she requested I stop off on the way home to buy her some Coke Zero. I have been officially avoiding soda as a New Year’s Resolution, but I told her I would grab her a bottle and adjusted my plan a little. As it is about a kilometer from here to the supermarket, if I could loop around a little at the end of the trail I could finish up my run at the supermarket instead of at home and still get my hour in.

As it happened, I was on a good pace right from the start. Strava would later report I set personal best times for the two sections on the climb up the Grande Cote to the Croix Rousse, and I steamed along the Voie at sub-4:30 pace. By the end of the run I would have knocked over a little more than 13km and 11 of those were under 4:40 pace, with seven under 4:30 pace.

I didn’t really feel like I was exerting myself too much and I am putting this down to the rest days I am taking between runs. While I have been easing back into things this week, I do think that the rest is helping and I think I may continue with the rest day experience next week. A two-hour run on Monday, a morning/evening double on Wednesday, and then a long run Friday night will probably equal whatever I can comfortably do in daily runs but without stressing my body as much.

All I can do is try, right?

And anyway: you never really know your luck in the big city.

Distance: 13.2km

Elevation: 114m

Time: 1:00:32


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