A long day in the office without much of a break but I still had the energy to get into the gym this evening for a recovery workout.

The plan? A little bit of bike, a slow jog, and then home to eat a beautifully seasoned pan-seared duck breast finished off in a hot oven – yum!


The bike was nice and easy and I spun things around at my regular cadence of 105-110rpm. The legs felt a little heavy from the weekend but nothing I couldn’t handle; the bike, after all, is basically a no-impact activity. I was watching more of The Good Wife, a series that continues to impress even if it is a little predictable as all of the legals drams outside of Boston Legal seem to be.

After the bike? The treadmill.


I have to admit, I wasn’t working very hard. The legs didn’t feel light and easy in the first kilometer and so I moved to a fast walk for the second kilometer. Getting my stride in, I ran the next two at a jog, and then cooled off with a final kilometer at that fast walk again. It took about thirty minutes and I got off feeling better than when I got on, and that’s always the point, right? It’s going to take a couple of days to feel like I am back up to speed running, but I am hopeful that on Friday I’ll be back to hitting my pace again.

Here’s hoping…

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