Yesterday I was sure that I would run today but I was not sure that I would hit the distance I had set myself as a weekly goal. After all, being down to three days of running and only four runs meant hitting the 70 kilometer weekly goal was going to be a challenge, and the twinge in my left leg after the Wednesday night run with the Lyon Running Club meant I was not going to push myself. I’m six days out from the Thames Path run and I don’t want to do anything stupid.

But on the other hand, I was feeling good this morning, I slept well, and I stole a slice of Cécile’s day-old French toast from the fridge for a sneaky 5:45am breakfast so I was ready to give it my best shot. Get the distance in, enjoy a longer run, and remain uninjured? They would work as goals for a Sunday morning run, I thought.


I set off at what was a pretty slow pace for the first kilometer heading upriver on the left bank of the Soane. There was not a lot to see along the river this early though I was surprised to find myself passing not one but two couples having rather intimate relations on or about the path next to the river. Kudos to them for having that sort of energy after what most likely was a long night beforehand.

When I got to the Isle Barbe I passed under the bridge, threw a u-turn at the end of the trail and then headed up onto the plateau at Caluire to run on the Voie Verte. This is a path I loved running when I was living on the Pentes but which, more recently, I haven’t been running so much. Getting these from the river means a climb but it is regular and runnable and within a few short minutes I was pounding the hardpacked dirt of the Voie and heading towards its northernmost point.

Along the Voie I noticed a metal garbage can on fire which, in the early morning light, was kinda cool looking. It didn’t look like there was any chance it would spread from the metal cage of the can so I didn’t put it out, and when I saw it again on the return route a couple of kilometers later, it was still burning lightly and I snapped a photo – that’s it at the top of the post – before continuing.

I headed back down the same hill I had climbed before and returned to the river, but this time continued upriver past Ombrosa to the Pont Bocuse. I crossed over to the right bank and headed  back towards town. At the Isle Barbe I crossed over the bridge, ran the same u-turn I had run before but this time in reverse, and then headed back into town along the riverside path. I was keeping an eye on my Garmin to check on pace and distance and I noticed I was actually running fairly strongly for a longer run. Indeed, the the second 10K of my run was about three minutes faster than the first 10K, so I was feeling great as the sun was creeping up and the town was coming alive.

I cut through the tunnel beneath Croix Rousse and, about halfway through, got a text from Cécile wondering where her other slice of French toast was, I stopped to walk as I crossed beneath the tunnel to come up on the Pentes and texted her an offer to get something from the bakery on the way home to make up for my morning snacking. The final couple of kilometers were a straight shot down the short hill to the Opera House, then along the Rue de Republique and then to Jacobins and the bakery.

I got my 70km week in as originally planned and I’m on fire: I’m feeling good, I’m feeling ready, and I have only one more run to do on Wednesday night before the big one next weekend.

Distance: 27.6km

Elevation: 265m

Time: 2:17:48


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