Another early start to avoid the heat and to get into work on time. I was up at 5:00am, read the sad news that Gene Wilder had died while I was getting dressed, and then was out the door and ready to go just after 5:15am.

The goal today was to lay down another nice tempo run and try to keep the splits under 5:00 pace. Something flat was in order, so I decided to head straight upriver towards the Isle Barbe before making a u-turn and heading back again. Nothing too exciting but a nice route to keep the pace up and the tempo steady.


Out of the gate I was on a reasonable speed and I tried to keep it there. That’s the challenge of a tempo run, after all, as it is never all that hard to get up to speed. The maintenance of that speed is what makes these sorts of runs interesting and a little harder than normal, though I didn’t really start to feel like I was pushing before the 6km point.

Around the six kilometer mark I passed under the bridge at the Isle Barbe and dropped down onto a path that turns into a trail. The ground is a little uneven but the bigger challenge is the small rise that the trail makes as it turns up to reach the sidewalk again. This isn’t much of a hill, but it does require a little injection of effort if pace is going to be maintained – and it comes right at the point where your legs are asking for a break. Still, I pushed through here and kept going for another kilometer or so before making the u-turn in front of Jamie’s school, Ombrosa, and heading back for home.

For some reason it is only the middle third of the run that feels difficult in any way. From about the sixth kilometer and until the twelfth kilometer I was having to watch my speed and keep an eye on my cadence. I grabbed a couple of mouthfuls of water after about nine kilometers, and then pushed on to the end of the run. The last  two kilometers of the run came very easy and I recorded the two fastest splits of the morning: a 4:45 and then a 4:41.

It’s another good run to start off the day and nice to have 30 of the 80 kilometers I am aiming for this week already banked. Tomorrow will be the normal Wednesday double-up and the morning run will be a little slower in recognition of this, but by the end of tomorrow I should be well past the half way mark for mileage and, hopefully, feeling good heading into the last two days of this shortened running week.

Distance: 15.1km

Elevation: 93m

Time: 1:13:40


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