Another week of tracking my nutrition on My Fitness Pal and I’m sticking to the NSNG/Ketogenic/LCHF diet well.

A few interesting tidbits from the last week:

  • My daily caloric intake varied – a lot. I had days where I was taking on more than 2000 calories and I had one day where I took on less than 1300 calories. This didn’t mean I was starving myself, nor gorging myself. Instead, I ate until I was full and then stopped.
  • I’m keeping up the high fat side of things. Getting most of my calories from fat is both a goal, and delicious, too! I think I am well fat adapted now in my running and taking on fat each day in every meal is easy.
  • I’m staying low carb. The biggest day in terms of carbohydrates was a Saturday where I had a whole zucchini for lunch and managed 18 grams of carbs for the day. Did it kick me out of nutritional ketosis? Nope, not even close – indeed, staying under 20 grams of carbs each day will keep me there even if I normally am down around 10-15 grams.

In the week ahead things will be a little bit out of the ordinary, at least in terms of what I am eating. I am doing some traveling for business during the week and so will have to manage eating ‘on the road’. Then, on the weekend, I’ll be traveling to nearby Switzerland where I don’t know the brands, food, or likelihood of easily staying on the diet. I’m sure I will managed but throw in an ultra distance run on the Saturday and I may end up eating something that is not strictly on the diet.

We’ll see…

I terms of weight loss things continue to move in the right direction. This is making it easier, I suspect, to get up the hills I am running each week and to enjoy the flat runs I am doing, too. I know that every kilogram I drop is going to make it easier to run a good time at Saint Fons and take a whole lot of time off the running at the Ultratour du Leman in September. I don’t think I’ll ever really be skinny but the more weight I can leave behind, the better I’ll be running.

Finally, one strange thing. I have begun to notice that when I take on a lot of electrolytes or salts then my weight either trends upwards or stays about the same. This is a strange sort of pattern and one I did not expect. Indeed, when I ran both the Town and Tube 100K and the 50K in training the other week fueled mainly on electrolyte sports drink on the former and entirely with the same on the latter, I ended up putting on weight immediately after the run. Of course, this probably meant I was not dehydrated (I would have lost weight in that case) but it also probably meant I was retaining too much water which is also a bad thing in a long ultra. Hence, I think for the run in Switzerland this coming weekend, I will try a combination or plain water and some electrolytes only later in the day when it heats up a little. It’s not that I am looking to lose weight running ultras but gaining weight in an ultra is just as bad for the kidneys, the body function, and the eventual result.








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