Another week of tracking my daily nutrition is complete and it sure has been a strange week.

A lot was happening this week and it had an effect on what I ate, when I ate it, and how much of it I ate. Add to this the fact that I was on a taper and not expending the same amount of energy that I normally would, as well as a mid-week weight spike that came (and went) out of nowhere, and ‘strange’ is the best sort of description for my nutrition.

Eating Out

Cecile’s parents were in town this week and so we were out to eat a couple of times. We also went out to eat on Sunday for lunch after spending a morning cleaning up the apartment and preparing – well, mentally preparing – for a long afternoon in front of the TV watching the Paris-Roubaix.

When you track and weigh almost everything you are eating, heading out to a restaurant can mess a little with your rhythm and your food tracking. What might be 200 grams of something gets eyeballed at 100 grams, a sauce that you swear has no sugar in it is actually loaded with the stuff, and so on. I tend to play it safe and order things I know well and can track easily to fit into my eating plan, but it does make for some interesting choices.

For example, on the Sunday I ate steak tartare for the first time in a long time because I knew what was in it and it would fit into my macros. After all, it is steak, an egg yolk, and a few assorted capers and cornichons on the side. Simple and easy and, yes, tasty, too.

On Monday night, on the other hand, we went with Cecile’s parents to a favorite restaurant of ours in Lyon’s Old City and I ate a ‘menu’ or three course meal with them all. This required a little more care, however, as the restaurant is well known for its large portions. This is great for when you are hungry, not so great when you are trying to keep a hold on things. I ended up doing fine with a terrine to start, an andouillette to follow, and then even some fromage blanc for dessert. Knowing I would be going out that evening, I had kept lunch relatively light and essentially zero carb just in case there was something in the evening meal that would ‘sneak up on me’ and push my daily carb intake higher, and me out of ketosis. With this thinking ahead, though, I did fine.

Big Lunch

Also a little strange this week was the meal I ate on Tuesday. The reference to the meal as a singular is because that’s all I managed that day. I had to collect Jamie from school, head up to see Cecile in hospital where she was recovering after a surgery, and then get back home for dinner with Jamie before doing all the other things that come at the end of the day. I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to make dinner and I had already had my normal nothing to a little more than nothing breakfast, so lunch was going to be the meal of the day.

I over indulged, I have to say, on saucisson and cheese, but it was good. The sun was shining, I ate outside, I was relaxed, and I didn’t even get in a lot of additional exercise that lunchtime walking as I have been wont to do these last few weeks. Instead, I took the time to eat, to digest, and to enjoy the sunshine. I still came in under my calorie goal for the day and I still finished the day at a significant deficit, but I don’t think I’ll get into the habit of eating only once a day as I know others on the ketogenic diet do – it’s not really for me as a permanent thing.

What Happened on Wednesday?

I track what I eat, what exercise I do, how I sleep, what energy I expend, and – with our nifty Garmin Index Scale – I weigh myself every morning garnering both the regular information you’d expect (that is, my weight) as well as some cool other data, too: body fat percentage, water weight, lean muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, and such things. I really like this scale and it’s good for keeping me honest with what I am eating and the exercise I am doing. Yes, yes: weight is just a number and I know I have worth outside of that number, but it doesn’t mean it cannot and should not be tracked all the same.

My weight fluctuates a little every day and this is normal. A few hundred grams here, a kilogram there, I’m not worried. If I weigh myself before and after a run I know it is different and that hydration, bowel movements, and other things can affect the weight. I don’t get too hung up on a number that goes slightly up or down every day.

But Wednesday sort of came out of nowhere.

Here’s how the week on the scale went:

  • Monday: 86.1kg
  • Tuesday: 86.1kg
  • Wednesday: 90.1kg
  • Thursday: 85.5kg

So somehow between Tuesday and Wednesday morning I put on 5kg and then lost it all again by Thursday morning!

I would have concluded that the scale was acting up on Wednesday morning if I hadn’t have weighed myself twice and got the same result, and then used the other scale – the one we let Jamie use that basically just gives you a number – and confirmed it. I don’t know what was going on inside my body or how what I had eaten the day before might have affected me, but something happened…and then stopped happening. Take it is a lesson: your body weight can change significantly and for almost no identifiable reason over a short period of time but, if you are doing the right sort of things, it should sort itself out quickly.

Calories In: 2678

Calories Out: 4428

Macros: 16g carbohydrates (2%), 210g fat (71%), 180g protein (27%)


Calories In: 1461

Calories Out: 5102

Macros: 13g carbohydrates (3%), 123g fat (76%), 78g protein (21%)


Calories In: 2235 

Calories Out: 4607

Macros: 17g carbohydrates (3%), 174g fat (71%), 146g protein (26%)


Calories In: 3481

Calories Out: 5017

Macros: 16g carbohydrates (2%), 269g fat (70%), 245g protein (28%)


Calories In: 2679

Calories Out: 4327

Macros: 14g carbohydrate (2%), 238g fat (80%), 122g protein (18%)


Calories In: 2171

Calories Out: 3323

Macros: 11g carbohydrate (2%), 190g fat (79%), 103g protein (19%)


Calories In: 2124

Calories Out: 3323

Macros: 13g carbohydrates (2%), 182g fat (78%) , 103g protein (20%)


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