After five days resting my strained calf muscle and with a month to go before the race at Saint-Fons I was keen to get back into things this afternoon.

Cécile asked me before I left where I was planning to run and I told her honestly that I didn’t know. The goal wasn’t to do anything more than spend about an hour on my feet, keep the pace very gentle so as not to aggravate my calf or cause myself any other injury, and to enjoy the new episode of Dan Carlin’s Common Sense that had dropped overnight.


I headed off towards the Parc de la Tete D’Or and  crossed over the Rhone trying to keep things very smooth. I dropped down onto the trail next to the Rhone and enjoyed the uneven surface and the concentration it took to keep things smooth on undulating ground. However, around 2.5km into the run, I started to feel something very strange in my left leg.

I had gone out of the house wearing the compression sleeve on my left calf in an effort to keep everything tight. However, for some reason, as I ran my lower left leg started to feel numb. I wasn’t sure why and I wondered if I might be unconsciously favoring it as I ran. I concentrated on running normally but it was starting to worry me. I pulled up to the Cite Internationale, crossed over into the Parc, and then realized that something was far from normal.

After 3.5km I was near the velodrome in the Parc and I stopped briefly to take a look at my leg. I took off my shoe, rolled off the compression sleeve, and stowed it in the pocket of my jacket. I retied my shoe and set off again hoping all would be well. I had a bad feeling that this would end up something like my run the other week where – feeling terrible – I stopped after just 5km. I didn’t feel all that bad, though, and while I was keeping a close check on my leg, taking off the compression sleeve seemed to do the trick.

I crossed back over the Rhone and headed down towards the Place Bellecour. My goal was to run a loop around the city center, then back up the hill to home. I managed to avoid getting stuck in the crowds around the Place de Republique and the Place Bellecour, and I only paused briefly waiting for the lights to turn green. I crossed over the Saone, went upriver past St Paul, and then crossed back over to the Presque Isle and the base of the Pentes.

Instead of looping around to the base of the Jardins des Plantes, I cut through the Place des Chartreux on a route I previously ran for the Lurdunum run. It is a nice climb, not too steep, and even at my slow pace I managed to beat the time I set at Lurdunum. I don’t take this as a sign of speed, mind you, just the result of not being in a crowd of people who mainly walked the hill last time around.

Across the top of the Pentes and then dropping down into the rue des Tables Claudiennes and home. All up about an hour on my feet, a little numbness to keep an eye on in future runs, and no new injuries to report.

Oh, and a great episode of Common Sense, too.

Distance: 11.2km

Elevation: 134m

Time: 56:10


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