I had to get my computer back to work and sort out some logistics for the next couple of days of run commuting so this morning I didn’t run in to work. Instead, I made the walk to work in the cool morning air and took my running gear along so I could fit in a run at the end of the day.

The goal this week is to keep my mileage up at around 80km or what amounts to 50 miles. I have found this sort of mileage is good for keeping me fit, building on my base, and getting prepared for the next ultra. It’s only a little more than 10km a day and with longer runs on Wednesday evening and at least one of the weekend days, I should be able to knock it over without too many problems.


I left the office making a beeline for the river. After about a kilometer I passed through the Place Guichard where the Occupy Wall Street-like protests known as Nuit Debout have set themselves up. It’s not exactly Occupy Wall Street as the protestors are mainly concerned about their own self interest, about getting permanent high paying jobs, and only turn up during the night. By all accounts they are the usual mix of lefty student types with a few of the professionally aggrieved in the communist unions supporting them and pitching in for supplies. It looked a little messy but not at all aggressive when I passed by though, to be fair, it was still daylight and the protestors won’t really be out for another couple of hours to complain and get tear gassed.

I turned downriver at the Rhone and headed down towards the Pont Raymond Barre. The wind was strong and impeded progress, or so it seemed. My pace didn’t really suffer but it felt like it did, if that makes sense. I was cursing the wind and holding on to my cap as I made my way to the bridge and then to the turn around point at the Confluence Museum and was momentarily happy as I turned to have the wind at my back.

And it was about then I realized how warm it was.

The next two kilometers saw me trying to keep a lid on things as I heated up. Now I was cursing the wind for not blowing in my face and keeping me cool. Luckily the Confluence marina was just ahead and I knew there was a water fountain there where I could grab a quick drink. Refreshed and ready to go, I kept heading up the Soane and towards home.

As I got to the bottom of the Pentes I took a couple of zig zags through the one way streets and then pushed up the last hundred meters of the Montée Saint Sébastien to click the Garmin off a little more than 11km after I had started.

Time for a cold shower, a hot dinner, and some relaxing before tomorrow morning’s run.

Distance: 11.3km

Elevation: 57m

Time: 55:14


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