I’d planned on getting in just 50km this week as the overarching goal was to maintain my form and to avoid getting injured. With a little more than 33km already in the bag, I just had a nice easy 17km or a touch more than 10 miles to do this morning and I would be done. Thus, instead of setting the alarm for 4:45am, getting in the run, and then getting off to work like yesterday, I could relax a little more, sleep in a little longer, and then relax on the run knowing I didn’t need to be anywhere but back home ready to watch some cartoons with Jamie when I was done.


I started off steady and evenly paced along the Soane in the direction of the Isle Barbe. I was wearing my headlamp again and, indeed, I would keep it on until I got down to the berges for the final few kilometers. I’m pretty much convinced I’ll need it for at least the opening 10km of the 100km de la Somme next weekend as the race is further north than Lyon and it is already pretty dark early on here. I don’t mind running with the lamp and, after a few hundred meters, I forget it is there anyway.

At the Isle Barbe I turned around on the trail and then started up the Montee Castellane. I wanted to keep my effort nice and steady here so instead of watching my pace I kept an eye on my heart rate. This meant climbing the hill a little slower than I know I can – I even stopped to snap a photo (above) in the dark to slow things down further – but I had no trouble continuing over the top and I didn’t feel the slightest bit tired.

I continued up the road a little, climbed a steep wooden staircase to the Voie de la Dombes, and then followed that trail towards Croix Rousse. Passing Cuire, I turned to the left and spent a few minutes going up and down on the edge of colline, and then I dropped down to the Rhone to cross over the bridge to the berges.

The final five or six kilometers were pretty easy and the berges nearly deserted – I imagine most of the runners who would normally be crowding out the berges on a Saturday morning were at home resting ahead of the Run in Lyon races tomorrow. I crossed the Rhone at Perrache, went straight up the Rue Victor Hugo, across Bellecour (where the Run in Lyon race village is set up) and then made the last couple of hundred meters home to Jacobins.

I’m planning one more run before the 100km de la Somme on Wednesday night with the Lyon Running Club, with the rest of the week devoted to rest, eating well, and getting mentally prepared for the first 100K of my ultra career.

Distance: 17km

Elevation: 106m

Time: 1:34:53


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