Another training week begins and, again, the goal is to get in 80km or so in the next seven days. Ideally this will be a combination of longer runs and a couple of shorter sessions, but with Jamie on vacation it is going to be a function of when and where I can fit them in around his schedule.

This morning, though, I was up early and out the door for a run before another hot day gets underway. The goal was to get in about 20km but nothing more specific than that. Some flat path to warm up, maybe a hill here or there, anything to keep it interesting and get me back home with the 2-0 sorted.


I started off nice and easy heading up the Soane river towards the Isle Barbe. This is a nice and generally not crowded path to run in the morning, a contrast to the berges on the Rhone that can be full of runners even early on a Monday morning. Reaching the bridge at the island, I made a loop around the end of the trail and then crossed over the Soane to start the climb at Saint-Rambert.

This is a steep little cobbled climb but I managed to run the whole thing today. I messed around a little after cresting it and then dropped back down into Vaise behind the train station. Making my way around the station and then crossing back over the Soane, I thought about where to go next as, at 11km, I was really only about half way through the run I had hoped to complete.

I thought it might be fun to throw in another hill and so I started up the climb of the Esses towards Croix-Rousse. Before completing it, however, I took one of the steep staircases off the first hairpin bend and found a new route to the top of the hill. After that, a little descending off the plateau and I was back down at the river and ready to work again. I stopped briefly to grab a drink of water from the fountain on the left bank of the river, then crossed over the footbridge at Homme de la Roche.

The next climb was the Chana staircase that took me up the side of the Fourviere hill, and I followed these stairs up with the Nicolas Lange staircase to the top of the hill. I passed over the top of Fourviere, enjoyed the view at the Basilica, and then dropped down through the rosary garden and back to the river. With about four kilometers to run, I decided I would do a loop down to Perrache and back and, save for a pause to grab a drink of water at Place Bellecour, I kept a fairly steady tempo all the way home.

Distance: 20km

Elevation: 345m

Time: 1:52:34


Image by KG Hawes.

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