One thing I love about my Garmin is that it has an accurate altimeter.

One thing I am coming to hate about my Garmin is that it doesn’t count ascent on a treadmill.

But I run the ascent anyway, even if I get no credit.

Tonight after work I headed down to the gym relaxed after what had been a great day in the office. A lot happened today, all of it good, and I finished on a high after a very positive call with a buddy in the US. I was ready to put myself through a bit of pain.


On arriving at the gym I got myself set up on the treadmill for a combination warmup and short run. I started out at 6:00 pace for a couple of kilometers, bumped it up slightly to 5:45 pace for another two kilometers, and then took it out to 5:30 pace for a final one. The reading on the treadmill and on my watch didn’t match but I have just decided to trust the watch so, even if the treadmill read something like 5.5 or 5.6km, I was fine going by the watch. It’s only distance, right?


Not yet ready to change machines, I thought I would try an uphill run of sorts. Used to having the treadmill at about 3% for the effort, I decided I would run 1K at 8% at 6:00 pace…if I could.


Long story short: I could.

And while I got no credit for the 80 meters of ascent I did in those six and a half minutes, I knew I did them and that’s what counts…except on the Garmin, of course.

I finished off the post-work gym session with a row.


Nice and consistent, Level 2 heart rate zone, and a little bit of sprinting in the final couple of minutes meant I knocked over a clean 3200 meters or so in 15 minutes. A pleasant way to end the session and I even got to watch Law and Order SVU while I did it – bonus!

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