I have a ‘niggle’ in my right thigh.

It’s been there for a couple of weeks and it is not so bad. I don’t have trouble walking or even running, really. I’m conscious that the ‘niggle’ is there. As I mentioned yesterday, I am most conscious of it when I start to run or when I stop and then start again as at a traffic signal here in town. I honestly didn’t feel it much at all on Sunday during the long run I did and it didn’t affect me climbing the hill to the statue, either.

So I’m not worried about it – but I’m also not running on it today.

Originally the plan had been to run an hour or maybe about a 10K today. It wasn’t going to be hard and it wasn’t going to be tempo or hills, just miles in the legs. However, feeling the ‘niggle’ this morning and with the weekend in mind, I decided to increase the mini taper from two days to four days.

Call it the better safe than sorry approach.

It doesn’t mean I’ll be off my feet altogether. I walked Jamie to his fencing class this morning and then rode into work. I’ll either walk or ride home tonight, and I am planning a short hike with Jamie tomorrow in the afternoon as we enjoy his vacation and the sunshine here in Lyon. I’m not afraid of using my leg, just not going to run the risk of injuring it in the last couple of days before the race.

Of course, it is not ideal to be going into a race injured, even if it is just slightly injured. If this was a few days out of Saint-Fons I would be panicking but the CIEC 6 Hour is a far lower priority for me. I have already hit my 6 hour goal for the year and so there’s no pressure to perform, but I would prefer to run well than poorly and taking a couple of days off is probably going to help me do that.

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