Some runs have a distance goal, some runs have a time goal, and some runs have a ‘see how much you can make it hurt’ goal.

This wasn’t any of those.

This run was all about testing out a new pair of shoes that arrived by UPS today and seeing both how they fit, how they feel on the trail, and whether they are going to be comfortable enough to wear on long runs. Luckily, the shoes fit like a glove, felt great, and were perfectly comfortable underneath my feet.


The shoes are Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3’s. I got them at a great price direct from Nike and – having read they fit like the Nike Free’s – I was confident that they would be a good fit. I was right, and so I pulled them on about 5:30pm and headed out the door.

I headed up the hill to the Croix Rousse plateau, then hooked around to Cuire and the Voie des Dombes. I thought I would run a route I had run before, heading first to the end of the Voie, then hooking around the industrial estate and back onto the Voie to come home. The trail was muddy in parts and there were puddles left and right, but it was otherwise non-technical.

The new shoes were wonderful. They have great padding, are nice and light, and grip the trail wonderfully. I wasn’t afraid of slipping in the mud or of putting a foot wrong on the slightly rocky drop down onto the trail after the halfway turn around. I’m really happy with the choice, with the size, and with the feel – and I’m even a fan of the bright orange color, too.

As I got back to Croix Rousse I decided to stretch the run a little further to make it a 15km effort all-up. I dropped down the Pentes, looped down to the Jardin des Plantes, and then turned for home on the rue des Tables Claudiennes. Nice and steady, feeling strong, and the shoes passed the first test.

Distance: 15.1km

Elevation: 111m

Time: 1:11:36


Image by Peter Fletcher.

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