It’s been a long couple of days at work and so I was looking forward to tonight’s run with the Lyon Running Club. The rain of yesterday had more or less disappeared (though the skies were still a threatening dark grey) and it was a little warmer though still not hot. Call it ‘beginning of spring with a touch of winter’ weather.

The regular weekly meeting with the DOZ team on a Wednesday evening was a little more stressful than normal as we had to prepare and present our quarterly results. Even though I had done well I was still nervous about presenting the results. I guess this is just my typical reaction to putting my results out there to be discussed, judged, and ruled upon. Whatever the explanation, I was happy to pack away my gear at the end of the meeting, head home, get changed, and head out for a run.

The plan was to get in a couple of kilometers before meeting up with the group and then, when the run was finished, to pick up and head home running, too. These Wednesday evening runs are never fast and usually involve a bit of stopping along the way so it’s not so much about tempo and more about time on feet. If I timed things right I should be able to spend about two hours running/walking alone and with the group. Fingers crossed…


I took off as the sun was still bright in the sky and the new moon that would replace it was still a couple of daylight savings hours away. I had just finished a couple of glasses of very cold water before heading out the door and so the first couple of kilometers were a little uncomfortable as my stomach gave me all sorts of hell. Still, I kept things smooth and easy and looped around the Cite Internationale to enter the Parc de la Tete D’Or in the northern corner.

I tracked the running loop downhill a little and then went up and over the small hill in the center of the park where the velodrome is located. Cutting through the park next to the lake and then out the front gate, I dropped down onto the berges and made my way through a bunch of runners, cyclists, and post-work picnickers down towards Perrache.

For a few minutes I couldn’t quite figure out why there were so many runners out on the berges. Sure, the weather was nice and it was still warm but this wouldn’t normally encourage so many people to come out and run all on its own. And in groups, too – these runners were in threes and fours, crowding out the path. Then it hit me: the Lyon Urban Trail is on this weekend and it was likely that some of the 10,000 people expected to compete would be taking advantage of the weather to get in a few training miles before the weekend. I won’t be in the race but it does pass nearby to our apartment so maybe I’ll take a look on Sunday morning.

I met up with the group at the Place de Celestins and we headed back across the Rhone and continued down the berges until the Pont Raymond Barre. Crossing over to the Confluence Museum, we paused to take a photo and then subject ourselves to a series of abdominal planks, sit ups, and running on the spot. All well and good, of course, but I’d rather be running.

We continued back to the starting point along the Saone, stopping for a quick drink of water near the Confluence mall, and then following the river back to Celestins. I left as the gang crossed the road and made my way back home, arriving a few minutes after 9pm and with a little over 22km in the bank.

Distance: 22.1km

Elevation: 108m

Time: 2:01:43


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