It’s time to break out the (hopefully) last pair of shoes for the season!

Nothing too surprising in terms of brand or style. I’ve stuck with the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3’s and just updated the color to something close to red. I should get the rest of the season out of them, get through the Saintelyon with them, and then close out at least half of January with them, too, before moving onto the next pair.

I find the Terra Kiger’s are good for about 700km or so. I sometimes get more, sometimes a little less, but they seem to last long enough that I don’t feel I am constantly shelling out for new shoes.

Like all shoes, though, they can do with a bit of wearing in, and what better place to do that than the Wednesday night group run with the Lyon Running Club?


We started out on a roundabout route up past Cordeliers, across the Rhone, back down to Guillotiere, and then past Bellecour to the Old City. Entering at Saint Georges, we passed along the cobblestones and ran the length of the Old City to Saint Paul, then dropped next to the Saone before crossing on the footbridge.

We were heading towards the Croix Rousse tunnel which would be the ‘zone defi’ for the night. It’s a 1700 leter long tunnel so it makes for a mile or so of sprinting – at least for the fast guys. Luka warned the group before that it is far better to take off a speed you can hold and then speed up rather than explode after 800 meters, and he was right. I went out at about 4:30 pace, lifted it to 4:15 pace about half way through, and then started reeling in the people who were dying by about that time as I closed it out at 4:10 to 4:15 pace. If there’s one thing that ultramarathons are teaching me it is how to manage my pace.

After the tunnel we turned for home, passed under the Pentes, headed across Terreaux, and then made a straight shot for Celestins. A good run, my shoes held up, good conversations, and I didn’t hurt myself – it’s everything a nice Lyon Running Club run should be.

Distance: 10.3km

Elevation: 49m

Time: 1:01:42


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