It’s Monday and the start of a busy and exciting week.

For one thing, I start my new job today and I am looking forward to getting stuck in at a fantastic company here in Lyon doing absolutely incredible work in complex systems (hence the fractal image above). Yes, my long summer vacation here in France is over and I am hitting the ground running – figuratively and literally – as I get going with the new job this morning.

For another, as CĂ©cile is traveling on business this weekend and as I’ll be looking after Jamie alone, running on Saturday and Sunday is likely out of the question. Hence, the weekly mileage is going to have to be completed in the five days before he arrives back at the apartment – and this means early morning starts for me.

Combined, these realities meant I was up at 5:00am and out the door at 5:15am for the first run of a new week and just hours before I walk in the door of my new job.


My plan on leaving home was to get in a nice and steady tempo run somewhere in the range of 13 to 15km. I headed off down the Soane towards Mulatiere, looped under the bridge at the confluence of the two rivers, and then crossed over the Rhone to make my way into the Parc de Gerland. Unfortunately, however, I discovered that the park is not open quite that early and so I made a quick u-turn and headed into the Gerland district instead.

I made a loop up to the Ninkasi bar at Gerland, then hooked back to the Debourg metro station and headed back towards the river. Arriving at the Rhone I had about 9km in the bank and figured I would try and hold the tempo I had established for a few more kilometers as I headed up towards the Pont Morand.

The berges on the Rhone were not all that crowded and only the odd cleaner or rat broke up the morning. It was not yet daylight but I had no trouble making my way around the bottles and broken glass that testify to the final parties of the summer vacation that must’ve taken place riverside yesterday evening. At the Pont Morand I crossed over the river to the Presque Isle, cut down to Terreaux, then made my way back to Jacobins and the end of the run.

I had managed to keep my tempo high enough to feel the workout, spent about 80% of my run at Zone 3 pace or higher, and got a good start on what I am hoping to be an 80km week. Now to get showered, get dressed, and get going on my first day in a new job!

Distance: 15km

Elevation: 69m

Time: 1:13:07


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