France managed to finish off Germany last night in the Euro 2016 semi-final and set themselves up for the championship match against Portugal on Sunday evening. I watched the first half and saw the first goal but a combination of stress, work, exercise, and general fatigue meant I fell asleep early in the second half and Cécile pushed me off towards bed.

I didn’t sleep all that well as today is kind of a big day for me. I have a phone call booked this morning that has got me all sorts of nervous. I am hoping for good news on the other end of the telephone line but I won’t know until I place the call in a couple of hours. Apologies for this being a little cryptic – it is deliberate – but some things have to stay under wraps until they work themselves out.

In any case, this nervousness meant the sleep before this morning’s run wasn’t as good as it could be, and the run itself didn’t feel, well, right. It was the proverbial ‘one of those days’.


I decided to cut down the distance a little from yesterday. It wasn’t that I was feeling sore or that the leg was playing up. More than anything it was just that my mind was not in the game, so to speak, and I wasn’t going to enjoy the run. A few weeks later and I would have pushed on anyways but, as I am still in the comeback week, there is really no need or benefit in pushing on just for the sake of pushing on, especially when my mind is occupied with other things.

I set out heading up the Soane and I was never really sure where I would turn around. The morning was humid and the breeze was blowing in my face. This is nice for the way out but it was going to be horrible on the way back. I was listening to Ben Shapiro hammer FBI Director Comey over his appearance on the Hill yesterday but even this aggressively amusing take on the whole ‘Hillary Skates-Gate’ couldn’t pull my head in the game. I was thinking about the call, thinking about the implications of the call, and running scripts in my head.

I finally turned around at Vaise but headed back downriver only as far as the Croix Rousse tunnel. Remembering that this is usually a few degrees cooler than the rest of the air no matter what the time of day, I dived into the tunnel and made the 1800m crossing at a nice, steady 5:00 minute pace. At the other end I ducked under the road, cut through the bottom of the Pentes to the Opera House, and then it was more or less a straight shot down Republique to the fountains before a right turn to Jacobins.

An easy enough run on what will be a big morning. Now to see if I can calm those nerves a little…

Distance: 7.3km

Elevation: 33m

Time: 36:32


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