In France, in Australia, and in almost anywhere except the US, it seems, we live in a world of kilometers. Well, apart from the US and the sport of ultrarunning where, long out past the 100m, 200m, and even 10,000m of the running track, distances are commonly in miles. The 50 miler, the 100 miler, the 200 miler (increasingly so) and so on. Running a 100 kilometers in 24 hours is not so hard, running 100 miles in the same time is a fair effort.

This year I have set myself the target of runningĀ a 100 mile (actually 108 mile) race in September. It’ll be the longest race I have ever run and the longest run, period, I have ever run. The training will be heavier and the long runs longer, and I am looking forward to testing just how far I can push myself at that distance.100 miles in a single race? That’s a challenge becauseĀ to this point I have never run 100 miles total in a single week.

Or at least I hadn’t until this week.

With the 21.2 kilometers I knocked over this afternoon I finally ran my first 100 mile week in training. Considering I did it in just six days and while getting back into the No Sugar, No Grain (NSNG) diet, too, I’m pretty damn pleased with that.

Today’s run was basically like yesterday’s run: a chance to spend a couple of hours on my feet, get another 20 kilometers in, and enjoy a bit of the cold air outdoors in Lyon. I set out along the Rhone heading upriver, passed through the Parc de la Feyssine, and then made my way around to the Astroballe stadium. Coming back towards Lyon through Villeurbanne, I took a right turn to pass through Croix Luizet, looped around the military cemetery, and then headed back for home via Feyssine, the footbridge at the Cite Internationale, and the base of the Pentes. When I clicked stop on my watch on the Place des Terreaux I had a half marathon in the bank and my 100 mile week was complete.


For me, this is a great way to start out the year. I had a great week training, I’m looking forward to another great week from tomorrow even if it will be a little harder to string together with some business travel and Jamie to look after, too. I’m proud of the week I put in, the year I had before that week, and hopeful about the year ahead.

Happy New Year!

Distance: 21.2km

Elevation: 71m

Time: 1:57:47


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