I was out early this morning so as to get a nice mid-distance run in before the day got underway proper. The goal again this week is to knock over 80 kilometers in total, with longer runs preferred over, say, seven shorter 12 kilometer efforts. Having measured out a couple of different routes on Strava last night, I thought a 22 or 23 kilometer loop taking me up and down the Soane would be a great start to the day.


I took off from Jacobins as normal – the GPS locked on almost immediately this morning, thank goodness – and headed straight down to the Soane. Heading upriver just before dawn, the air was cool and I even ran past a couple of other runners on the way out of town enjoying their morning run. I stuck to the trail next to the Soane all the way to the Isle Barbe, then ducked under the bridge to add another kilometer to the ‘out’ section of the run and a slight rise in elevation, too.

Crossing over the bridge at the Isle Barbe I passed another runner. It seems that a lot of people are starting their preparation in earnest for the Run in Lyon races in early October, and that’s a good thing. The more people running the better, I reckon, and even if they are only casual runners getting out a few months of the year, it’s all good as far as I am concerned.

Heading back into Lyon I was keeping a nice steady tempo. I had told myself that I would keep the tempo high to the 10K mark and then back it off a little. This I did, bringing up the 10K mark in 46 minutes and change, and it was also about this point where I saw a pretty spectacular motorcycle crash. At the intersection of the Quai du Commerce and the Pont Robert Schuman a car had stuck it’s nose a little far into the road and a motorcycle crossing in front clipped the bumper and immediately flipped over. The bumper of the car was ripped off and the motorcyclist – luckily – was OK, walking, and abusing the driver of the car within a few seconds of hitting the ground.

I continued on down the river passing the Old City and then making my way down to Mulatiere. I made the turn there, then ducked under and around the confluence of the Soane and Rhone and came up on the other side of the Museum. I stopped for a second to refill my handheld at the water tap there but, sadly, the water wasn’t running today. No problem: with only about five kilometers to go I would be fine with what I had left in the bottle.

Crossing the bridge and dropping down onto the berges took only a couple of minutes, and then it was a straight shot back to Guillotiere. Though I had been aiming to back off the pace a little after the 10K mark, I had kept a pretty steady tempo all the same. Indeed, the second 10K was only about 30 seconds slowed than the first 10K which was not bad at all. Up the stairs at Guillotiere, a quick loop around the top of the Place Bellecour, and then down the street to Jacobins to press stop on the Garmin with 23 kilometers in the bank.

Distance: 23.1km

Elevation: 193m

Time: 1:48:16


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