The original plan was to get back into training tomorrow with the Lyon Running Club, but two things changed my mind.

First, as I got out of bed this morning I immediately realized that my legs felt good. Not great, but good. My feet don’t hurt, there’s a little soreness in my quads, but basically I feel like I had just run a long run the day before: a little sore but nothing that will stop me running for recovery.

Second, for some reason a quote from a Ten Junk Miles episode came back to me: “motion is lotion”. It was said in the context of recovery from an ultramarathon and Scott suggested that, as he did more long races, he found he needed less and less time to recover. He believed tat ‘motion is lotion’ and that the best way to recover from an ultra is to run a little more.

Hence, this morning I made the call to pull on the running clothes, throw some work clothes on top, and make some plans to go out for a lunchtime run.

Would this be at marathon pace? No, not at all. I wanted to get a good half an hour or forty-five minutes in on my feet, try and keep a steady pace, and enjoy the arrival of spring here in Lyon. No distance goal, no stairs, and no PB’s in my sights. Just a run because – as Scott says – motion is lotion.


I headed out of work in the direction of the Rhone river with a vague plan to make a loop and then return back to where I started. The good thing about heading towards the river is that – depending on how I feel – I can cut it short or make it longer at a couple of different points. Feeling bad? Turn into the Parc de la Tete D’Or and loop back to base. Feeling good? Make a loop of the park and head back after.

As it happened, I was feeling pretty good. My legs didn’t feel heavy, my breathing was nice and steady, and I didn’t struggle to hold a steady pace. I had the podcast edition of Fox News Sunday in my ears and was happy catching up with the latest in the US presidential election even if it was a couple of days late. Sadly, Chris Wallace was not hosting but it was still a reasonable panel and Ted Cruz presented his case well.

After arriving at the river I thought I would cross over the footbridge and then drop down onto the trail for a few hundred meters. This I did but, for once, I was not alone and I encountered another trailer wearing his SainteLyon finishers t-shirt coming the other way. The singletrack was not quite wide enough for us both but we managed and it occurred to me just how many people are out and about running at lunchtime in Lyon. It seems to be the thing to do, or at least more so than it was just a month or two ago. The coming of spring, perhaps?

I crossed the river again and entered the Parc de la Tete D’Or for a short section before following the Boulevard des Belges back towards Part-Dieu. After that it was a quick duck under the train tracks and I clicked stop on the Garmin as the eight kilometer mark popped up.

I felt good, I felt fit, I’m recovered from the weekend, and Scott was right: motion is lotion.

Distance: 8.0km

Elevation: 26m

Time: 37:14


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