It’s always amused me that there are three churches right across the river that share names with three of the The Beatles: John (St Jean), Paul (St Paul), and George (St Georges). Sadly, there is no Saint Ringo or I’d be able to make a Fab FourĀ footing, so to speak – but three out of four, ain’t bad, right?

I set off from Jacobins across the Rhone and dropped onto the berges next to the river. Though it was early there were one or two other runners out, I imagine getting in some training a little more than a week out from the Run in Lyon festival. Arriving opposite Perrache, I mounted the stairs, crossed the bridge, the Place Carnot, and then made my way over the Saone, too, and I was ready to start my mini tour of most of The Beatles.

First up: Saint Georges.

It’s a nice church, smaller than the others I have always felt, and the first of the three in the Old City as you enter from the south. I negotiated the cobblestones behind the church and wound my way through to the main place of the Old City and the second church.

Yes: Saint Jean.

The Lyon cathedral is imposing and after they cleaned up the stonework last year it looks incredible. I can’t wait for the Fete Lumiere this year as I am sure the light show on the outside of the church is just going to be amazing. I cut through the Old City being careful not to go too fast or slip on the smooth cobblestones. Pushing out the other side, I crossed over the road and kept on moving as the third Beatle church came up on my right.

Saint Paul.

This is an old church and not nearly as well-lit, maintained, or restored as the others. It’s also significantly older and, in the morning, a lot more lonely as there is nothing lighting up the exterior. No matter, I passed by, continued on down to the Saone again, and crossed over the footbridge to the Quai Saint Vincent where I turned for home. A quick left and right, a straight shot down to Jacobins once more, and I was done.

It’s another short run but another one that feels good. I do enjoy starting the day with a little exercise and I am glad to be bouncing back from the ultra last weekend so fast. Now on with the day…

Distance: 6.4km

Elevation: 31m

Time: 30:47


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