I’m out of work at 5:00pm tonight to collect Jamie before the weekend trip to London and so, as previewed yesterday, I was up and exercising at the front end of the day instead of the back end. I figured I could get in a nice warm up walk, 45 minutes of exercise, and then a nice walk into work and still be in at the office after showering and changing at about 8:30am.


I was up at about 6:00am to triage the email, download the podcasts, get dressed, and get out the door. A nice walk via Perrache to the gym and, about 25 minutes later, I was outside the door, logging the walk, and then in the door to get started.


I wanted to take advantage of the gym and mix things up a little so I set myself the task of running a nice 5K, not too stressful, but with a little bit of incline to make it hurt a bit more. I was watching Law and Order SVU again and working through a particularly nasty Season 2 episode and enjoying it, too.


A 15 minute elliptical session followed and, after a discussion with a mate back in Australia, I tried a couple of minutes without using any of the various hand grips. The idea, he explained was to work your core muscles more by forcing them to work the balance instead of using your arms to keep swinging back and forth. I gave it a couple of minutes but it sort of felt unnatural and I was more interested in feeling the sweat come on before work in the morning than trying something that might be great but was brand new. maybe next time.


I showered, I changed, I got going for the office and I think I was moving pretty well. I was still hot so I didn’t wear my jacket and enjoyed the second part of the¬†Ten Junk Miles episode that I had started on the way in to the gym. The cool air was nice after the workout and I was feeling good when I arrived at the office and settled in for the day. plenty to do, plenty to keep me busy, and afternoon of meetings, and then out the door to get the boy, get dinner ready, and get packed for tomorrow – perfect!

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