I’ve got Jamie this week and so time is always going to be a little tighter when it comes to fitting in a run. As well, being Monday, I have to get the work stuff back to work and so even the run commute is a little difficult – perhaps I’ll figure out a way to make it work Monday’s in the future? As I won’t have time at the end of the day, an early morning run was on the cards and so I set the alarm for 5am and was out the door and on my way about ten minutes later.


I wanted to be out running and back in after about an hour and, having enjoyed the straight shot down to Mulatiere yesterday, I decided to try that route again. Starting off was easy – down the hill, past the Place des Terreaux, and across the Saone at St Paul – and then it was all the way downriver until I got to Mulatiere and the turnaround point.

Besides crossing the autoroute opposite Perrache this is a nice, steady, mostly uninterrupted route. It’s nice to be able to look across the river and see the striking architecture in the Confluence district nicely lighted up in the pre-dawn, and there is precious little traffic on the road to disturb the podcast I was listening to. The sidewalk is a little narrow but not so much that I am watching my footing for fear of misstepping into the road. I think I’ll run this route again soon – it’s just perfect for the mornings.

Coming back I cut through the Confluence marina and then followed the Soane back upriver until I got to Bellecour. Here I turned right and then hooked left onto Republique trying to keep my pace up to record a nice 10K tempo time. This I did with a 45:08 and then held the pace for another kilometer as I kept my eyes open for a bakery where I could pick up a baguette to take home for breakfast.

All told, it was a good way to start the week and I can safely say I don’t have a case of the Monday’s.

Distance: 11.0km

Elevation: 66m

Time: 49:48


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