Fitting in a longer morning run during the week can be a challenge. With the demands of work and my arrival time at the office being around 7:30am, the math involved in getting up + running + showering + getting to work doesn’t work out if the run is longer than about an hour. Unless I am organized a day in advance, that is – and today I was.

I had brought in a change of clothes as well as some toiletries yesterday and made sure I had the running gear I needed at home for a run before work today. These are only small things to do but, get them wrong, and a morning run becomes impossible. Get them right, though, and the morning run simply becomes a matter of starting at home, ending at work, and figuring out something interesting for the time in between the two.

After yesterday’s road and sidewalk effort, I thought I would head for softer paths. The obvious choice? The Parc de la Tete D’Or which sits halfway between home and work in Lyon’s 6th arrondissement. The only problem, though, is that the Parc does not open its ornate gates before 6:30am. As I was planning on leaving home around 5:30am I needed to find somewhere to run before arriving at the Parc.


I headed along the bottom of Caluire and Cuire before crossing the Rhone and circling the Parc on the exterior path. There were a couple of other runners out early, including what seemed to me to be a teenager running in a bathrobe.

Yes, seriously: a bathrobe.

He was moving rather slowly and seemed to be entirely at ease in his unusual running attire. I guess if it works for him then it’s all good. To each his own.

Eventually, I arrived at the main Parc gate again just as the police were opening up. I slipped through and completed a half tour of the Parc before turning into Villeurbanne, finding the tram line, and following it all the way to Gare Part Dieu and the office. All in all, it was a good 15km run and a nice way to start hump day.

Distance: 15.6km

Elevation: 39m

Time: 1:14:42


Image by KG Hawes.

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