It’s Wednesday and that means I should be running both morning and evening sessions – and I am. However, today I am also adding in a third run as I try and get a feel for the new job and so the typical ‘Wednesday two-parter’ is now a short ‘Wednesday mini-series’ of three parts: a before work run in the early morning, a post-work run to stretch out the legs and get to the Lyon Running Club, and then an evening run with the Club at a slow but steady pace.


Instead of the 15km runs I’ve turned in the last couple of days as I chase the 80km weekly mileage before Friday, I knew that going out three times today would mean I didn’t have to push quite so far in the morning. Thus, I planned on being out for about an hour and running anything between about 10 and 12km, depending on how I was feeling and how much traffic I got caught up in as the city wakes up.

I headed away from the apartment towards Cordeliers, then crossed over the bridge to drop down onto the berges and make my way up the Rhone. I was encountering far more people than has seemed normal the last couple of days, and a couple of them looked in pretty bad shape. Is Tuesday night the new Thursday night in Lyon, perhaps?

I continued upriver to the Parc de la Feyssine and cut through most of the way until the end before jumping up onto the roadside, crossing over, and heading back towards the Cite Internationale. After that it was a straight shot down the side of the Cite, across the Pont de Lattre, beneath the Pentes and then down to Terreaux and home again. A minute or so short of an hour and more than 11km in the bank meant I was pretty happy with how this short series was starting out.


The second run in the day’s mini series started off fast and mainly stayed that way, too. I had left myself sufficient time to get a nice, steady 10km in under the sun that I knew would slow me down some. However, right as I was leaving work I got one of those last minute phone calls I had to take and was called in for a meeting. It was a meeting I was glad to attend but it did put me behind schedule a little.

Perhaps that is what was in my mind as I took off from work. I headed into the Parc Gerland, crossed over the bridge to the Confluence Museum, made the u-turn to find the bridge at Mulatiere and then started up the right bank of the Soane heading for where the Lyon Running Club would be at 7:30pm.

The thing is, I was going faster than I normally would: eight of the ten kilometers I put down were sub-4:45 splits, and the first four were all sub-4:40. Hell, even the ninth kilometer as I headed for the Pont Saint Vincent was a sub-4:40. This made for about the fastest 10km split I had run in training in a while (46:51) which, though a good sign of form, is perhaps not the best way to treat a hot afternoon when there’s another hour to run straight afterwards.


I made it to the Place des Celestins in time for the run to depart and we started with a quick pass by Celestins, a hope across the bridge, and a long straightaway down the Rhone to the Confluence Museum. On arrival we were subjected to a series of planks followed by squats followed by more planks and more squats. I have to say that these sort of exercises are among my least favorite thing but, in the back of my mind, I know they are good for me.

We headed back along the Soane to the Old City where a ‘zone defi’ on the stairs there was planned. Tonight was a little shorter than the last time we did something on these stairs. Instead of a team race, we simply had to complete two circuits of the staircase and very steep descent. This I managed in the mid-pack and I was happy enough with this. A short hop back over the river and we were done – and this little mini-series was at a close with more than 30km banked.

Distance: 32.9km (11.6km + 10.3km +11km)

Elevation: 176m (50m + 80m + 46m)

Time: 2:56:05 (58:43 + 48:49 + 1:08:33)

Strava + Strava + Strava

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