With my parents in town for the week and Jamie at home, too, it’s been hard to find time to get out and run this week. I was looking forward to running with the Lyon Running Club tonight but with an apartment full of people it really doesn’t work to leave before 7am and return at 9pm. Not really the nicest way to play host, is it?

Hence, I decided to head out for a lunchtime run today instead, taking some time in the middle of the day to destress, get some kilometers into my legs, and enjoy the brisk winter weather here before things start to change next month. Yes, Spring is coming – or so we hope.

The goal was to get at least an hour of running in and anything more than that would be good. It wasn’t a day for anything too crazy – I didn’t bring the Camelbak or the water bottle so I would be limited in terms of distance and effort – but a good hour or so under my belt today would set me up nicely for efforts I’m hoping to get in on Saturday and Sunday.


I set off in the direction of the Rhone and with the thought of crossing over the road and dropping onto the trail in the Parc de la Feyssine. I figured I could loop around Villeurbanne and then drop by the supermarket near work to grab a sandwich before heading back to the office. I had stashed my credit card in my pocket for just this reason and was happy to set off at a good trot.

The first couple of kilometers I pushed steadily forward and managed to luck out when it came to red lights. I wasn’t really held up for more than a couple of seconds and even after passing through the Cite Internationale I was still on a good pace. Indeed, my splits were dropping from 4:34 to 4:21 to 4:15 and I had the feeling I was on a good run.

As I cut through the Parc de la Feyssine I kept up the pace and, honestly, it wasn’t all that hard. I think I could have run slower but I know I could have squeezed out a few more seconds for each kilometer, too. Call it a 85-90% effort. I was comfortable, cruising along, and listening to the Wingin’ It podcast relive the third season in Bartlet’s White House.

When I cam through the 5km point with a 22:05 I knew I was going faster than normal so I kicked it up and decided I would see what I could manage for a 10K time. I knew my 10K personal record was about 43 or 44 minutes, and anything under 45 is quick in my books right now. I kept the legs turning over, pushed slightly harder on the rises in the trail, and at the 9km mark I was at 38:27 and a record seemed possible.

I kicked it up on the rolling final kilometer as I approached the dam and the cemetery, and then pushed hard in the final 100m back on the flat. The 10km marker buzzed up, I hit stop, and the clock read 43:07.

A new 10K personal best.


Good time aside, I was still about 5km from the office so I set off on the trot home. I wanted to take it a bit easier but I still managed to keep things under 5:00 pace coming back, including while negotiating the Villeurbanne traffic.

I stopped the watch outside of the supermarket, went in and grabbed a bacon and salad sandwich, and then walked back to work to get changed, get fed, and get back to work.

Distance: 14.3km (10km + 4.3km)

Elevation: 29m (29m + 0m)

Time: 1:02:56 (43:07 + 19:49)

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