After getting back into things yesterday I was hoping a follow-up run today would go well and convince me that I was on-track for Saint-Fons in a month. I didn’t want to go out and do anything too hard and so the goal of the run was simply to get another hour in on my feet, not get hurt, and keep things nice and consistent.


As I left the apartment I didn’t really have a good idea where I would head but I thought maybe I would start with some of the narrow trails in the Parc de la Feyssine. I first dropped down into Saint Clair before crossing over the footbridge to the Parc de la Feyssine and, in a diversion from my normal route, I hit some muddy singletrack and started weaving my way through the trees.

My shoes are made for this sort of trail running and I never felt close to losing my footing. I kept an eye on the roots and mud to make sure I didn’t fall over, and I was only a little distracted by the half dozen police cars and fire engines up on the Périphérique. I couldn’t quite see what they were up to but there were a lot of flashing lights and police standing around.

I looped around the cemetery and headed into Villeurbanne. Every Sunday there is a market there and it’s packed with fresh fruits and vegetables and a whole bunch of merchandise, fashion, and toys that (I can only assume) has largely fallen off the back of someone’s truck. It was still early when I passed through so it wasn’t very busy and stalls were still being set up, but later in the morning it will be packed with thousands of people looking for good food and good bargain prices for everything else.

I cut towards Part Dieu and then followed the Cours Lafayette al the way to the Presque Isle. When I crossed the Rhone I turned right towards home, went straight up the hill, and stopped my watch almost exactly an hour after I had left. I felt good, had put together some nice even splits, and was running a pace that I think I will need to keep up to hit my goal for Saint-Fons in four weeks time.

All in all, a good morning and I’m raring to go for next week.

Distance: 12.3km

Elevation: 83m

Time: 1:00:10


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