After yesterday’s successful and pain-free run I was keen to get out again this morning.

Though the motivation to jump straight from yesterday’s five kilometer effort up to something approaching an hour was there, I also figured it would be the fastest path back to injuring my leg and I don’t want to do that now. The time for preparing for the run in England is here and I am not going to rush the come back just to write a bigger number in the training diary, so to speak.

I thought it would be a good idea to add about 10% to 20% each day until I am back running pain-free for the sorts of distances I need to run. Don’t ask me where this percentage comes from as, honestly, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a version of “add 10% mileage per week” as you build up, except it’s done by day instead. In any case, I would be happy with something around six or seven kilometers this morning as long as I finished with both calf muscles smiling.


I headed out the door, cut straight to the Quai Saint Antoine, and headed for the path alongside the Soane. The market was getting itself set up and I set a mental reminder to head back after I was home, showered, and dressed to grab the lemon I managed to forget so as to complete today’s planned roast chicken lunch. I was pointed upriver and enjoying the cool morning breeze as I dropped down the stairs and onto the path proper. I had the latest Ultrafinishers podcast on and the broad Scottish accent of the guest was a morning delight.

With my distance goal in mind, I decided to turn around at either the Pont Georges Clemenceau or the Pont Masaryk a little further down. When my Garmin clicked over the two kilometer mark as I approached the former, I pulled up from the path, crossed over the river, and started heading down the other side.

The wind now was behind me and I started to feel the morning sun a little more. I knew I was picking up the pace a little as I headed back towards home but I was keeping a good check on my leg to make sure that I wasn’t pushing it to hard. I was turning in sub-4:40 kilometers which is pretty good a sign (I hope) that I haven’t lost too much of the fitness I had with these enforced breaks from training.

After passing the Old City and cutting through the art market on the river’s right bank, I crossed over the Pont Bonaparte and turned for home. A short cut through the small streets between Jacobins and the Quai Saint Antoine, and I clocked stop on the Garmin outside the door.

I wasn’t hurt, the run felt good, and I had run a little further than the day before. Here’s hoping this continues in the days ahead and that I’m into longer runs by next week.

Distance: 6.5km

Elevation: 82m

Time: 30:49


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