After the diagnosis yesterday and the realisation that I won’t be running for a couple of weeks, I decided I should indulge one of my other passions to help get over the annoyance of not hitting the road. That passion? Cooking, and what better place to start but breakfast?

I’m not usually much of a breakfast person but I do enjoy a good cooked breakfast from time to time, though it is not something that I have the time for or the stomach for every morning. Something cereal based, on the other hand, with a little dairy thrown in? I can manage that – but if I can avoid the sugar high and subsequent crash mid-morning, all the better.

Cécile had a craving for muesli yesterday and ended up heading out to grab some chocolate Cruesli. While it does look tasty, I decided to make some of my own. How hard could it be? All of the recipes that I have been checking out online make it seem just a matter of finding the dry ingrediants, mixing them up, and serving it up with milk in the morning. Voila – a tasty breakfast and a good start to the day.

I went with something pretty basic but, I hope, still tasty. The base of the muesli consists of oats, then I’ve added three or four different types of nuts, some dried fruits, and some raisins. I mixed it all up in a bowl to make about a kilogram of muesli in total and then moved it to an airtight container where it will live for the next couple of week. I’m looking forward to tasting it tomorrow morning with some fresh milk and enjoying a cold Sunday morning with something fresh that doesn’t involve putting one foot in front of the other for a couple of hours.

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