It’s Wednesday evening so it’s time for the weekly Lyon Running Crew group run. While you can never be sure exactly where the route through the city will take you, there are sometimes some clues on the LRC Facebook page, as there was this week.

According to the announcement, it would be a run of 12km at a pace of 10km/hr, and the map suggested a route that would take us down near the Parc de Gerland. My first reaction was that this seemed a little long for the regular run which normally tops out at 10km or so. It’s not so much that the extra 2km would hurt me but that the LRC is notorious for starting their runs at least 10 minutes late and an additional 12 minutes or more – and any pauses for fitness exercises – of running would push the return well after 9pm. Jamie, who has dinner with his mum on Wednesday nights, usually gets back home at 9pm and so anything that delays the return is to be avoided in my case.

So what to do? Well, I arrived as per normal at Celestins for the run, waited for the group to arrive, and then got going predictably late. I figured I would enjoy the run and, if it seemed to me to be turning into a run that wouldn’t end before 9:15pm or 9:30pm, I would say my goodbyes and turn for home. I like the group runs, but I much prefer to see my son before he goes off to bed.

As it happened, though, I didn’t really have to worry.

After setting out across the Place Bellecour, down the Rue Victor Hugo, and the across the Rhone, we headed on a roundabout course through to Lyon’s 7th arrondissement. When we got to the tramline Luka, the run leader tonight, asked where the Halle Tony Garnier was and everyone (including me) pointed him in the right direction: straight down the tramline. What he was really after was the Ninkasi near the Stade de Gerland, though, and by taking the “shortcut” down to the Halle we cut off at least one kilometer of the planned twelve. This combined with a good group of about 25 people who were all running at a steady pace meant that even the slightly longer distance had us back at Celestins at 9pm.

Even better? I got home in time to see Jamie before bed, tuck him in, find him the right book to read, and be a Dad. Running and family: does it get better on a Wednesday night? I don’t think so.

Distance: 10.9km

Elevation: 29m

Time: 1:06:28


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