Only three runs to go before the mini-taper ahead of the CIEC 6 Hour this Saturday. None of the runs are going to be difficult, none will be pushing me up hills or stairs, and none will be about anything other than getting a few kilometers in on my feet before race day.

Today I had to fit the run in at lunchtime and so I aimed for a steady and gentle 10km loop from the office down to the Rhone, follow it downriver to Bellecour, then make my way back to the office. There’d be a bit of stopping for traffic and the weather was not looking promising, but getting a few hours in now will make the six hours this Saturday all the easier.

Things didn’t get off to the smoothest start.

I had walked into work this morning in the rain and when I clicked stop on my Garmin at the end of the walk – yes, I track them – it turns out I had only pressed pause. This meant that, all morning, my watch had been searching for GPS in the office building and burning up the battery charge. As I stepped outside I looked down and realized I was looking at a blank screen and so, to my dismay, I couldn’t track or even time the run.

I had two options if I wanted to record the run. The first was to go back upstairs, grab my phone, and track the run using the Strava Android app. The second was to throw the watch on its charger and wait a while for it to get sufficient charge to survive the run. I went with option two, and spent 45 minutes typing a new article for work that came together wonderfully well, and fast.


When I left the second time things were smoother. I headed down towards the river without an issue. When I reached the river I saw immediately that it was running high and that parts of the trail next to the river were flooded or at least covered in deep puddles. I decided to run along the trail next to the road instead. I don’t mind the wet but I was in my road shoes and they don’t drain quite as nicely as the Terra Kigers.

Passing along the berges was fun and I held a reasonable pace. I was feeling a little tingle in my upper right leg still and I have no idea what it is. It doesn’t seem to slow me down much and it only really ‘niggles’ when I am getting started on a run or beginning again after stopping for traffic or to cross a road. Strange…

I got up the stairs at Guillotiere without problems, made my way up the avenue to the railway line without being held up for more than a few seconds by the traffic, and then turned for the office running slightly downhill for the last kilometer or so. I finally pressed stop on the Garmin – I was sure this time! – outside the bakery beneath the office where, after catching my breath, I grabbed a panini, a muffin, and a Coke to eat during my late lunch.

One run down and two more runs to go before the CIEC 6 Hour mini-taper begins…

Distance: 10.1km

Elevation: 18m

Time: 47:42


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