I am a pretty boring person when it comes to the midday meal during the work week.

If I get organized on the weekend and cook up a batch of chilli or something in the slow cooker, then I’ll heat it up and eat it. I don’t really mind that I eat the same thing every day and while it might be boring it’s always good.

If I don’t get around to making something then I usually hit up the supermarket. Maybe I’ll head for the aisle with the French food and pick up some grattons, maybe I’ll spring for a sandwich or a salad, or maybe just go with the basics for something healthy and light: lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, a little bacon, and maybe some nuts.

More recently, though, I have taken to buying some bread, some sliced meats, and some cheese and heading to the park behind the office to eat in the outdoors.

It’s colder out there, for sure, and the wind can whip through even a good jacket this time of year. And it’s not the most idyllic of parks, either. It comes equipped with a couple of homeless people, a few day drinkers, and the odd business school student chain-smoking their way through a break between classes with music blaring from a tinny mobile speaker.

But I do like getting outside all the same, walking to the supermarket in Villeurbanne, and then back to the park where I take a seat on a bench and get busy making my cold cut sandwich.  It’s a chance to breathe a little fresh air, to browse reddit on my phone, and to catch up on whatever podcasts have dropped in the couple of hours since I arrived at work. If I get through the sandwich fast enough, there’s always time for a short walk, too, and that helps for the essential time on feet, right?

No one is ever going to accuse me of being exciting with my lunch choices or guilty of spending up big on my midday meal. But I do look forward to the break each day, and even the cold won’t keep me inside when the park is just so close.

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