I was back into training normally today and on the menu was a 1.5 to 2 hour loop up to the Isle Barbe before heading downriver to Confluence, and returning home along the berges next to the Rhone. All up it should be somewhere in the range of 20 to 22km, and it was going to be easy. No personal best attempts on this one, no matter how good I was feeling or how smoothly the sub-4:10 splits started to fall into place. Today’s run was about setting up a good week of running and putting a little bit of a load on my legs after that time off for injury.


As always, the run up to the Isle Barbe was pleasant, especially so today as the water lapped the path but didn’t spill over onto the berges. I didn’t do anything too crazy pace wise on the way to the turn around and I enjoyed the On the Media podcast I had playing in my ears. Yeah, it’s liberal to a fault and the hosts serve up softball after softball to anti-Republican guests, but it’s interesting and helps pass the time.

Coming back down was also pleasant and I ticked over the 10km mark at 45:12 and I was feeling good. As I wove back along the Saone and towards the city centre I had to stop a couple of times for lights and crossings, but I basically had a pretty smooth run of both. I crossed over the Saone near Perrache and dropped down onto the berges in the direction of Confluence, passed by the mall, and then headed for the bridge that would lead me over the Rhone and allow me to turn for home.

About this time I felt a little stitch coming in on my right hand side. I concentrated on my breathing but it started to bite. I stretched my arm a little but to no effect. Finally, at about 16.5km, I slowed to a walk and decided the best thing to do would be to get my breath back. As I had to negotiate the dangerous multiple road crossings near the Confluence Museum around this point, I don’t think it really slowed me down all that much, anyway, and the stitch subsided within a couple of hundred meters.

Back running, I dropped onto the berges on the other side of the Rhone and headed for home. At Perrache I cut back to the Presque Isle, followed the Rue Victor Hugo to the Place Bellecour, and then cut through the city center to the Place de Terreaux. I gave myself a nice run up at the stairs leading off the Place, hit the Montee de la Grande Cote, and followed it all the way home.

Distance: 22.2km

Elevation: 166m

Time: 1:43:04


Image by Jeanne Menjoulet & Co.

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