It was far too cold for running today.

No, wait. That’s not right. More precisely, it was far too cold for running in the clothes I was wearing when I went running today. With temperatures of 0°C it was literally freezing and I went out in a single layer. Sure, I had gloves, a hat, and tights on, but a single layer up top was not a smart idea. Oh well, you live and learn, right?

I headed off upriver along the Saone and turned around when I got to Vaise, heading back down the river until I got to the Old City. About then Jamie called me to tell me – once again – all the things he got for Christmas, that he had raclette for dinner the night before, and that he was going to the movies with his Mum today. He was keen to see all sorts of things and I think almost anything would be OK for him as long as it has a rating that lets him in the door. He was hoping for a fast food lunch, too, but I’m not sure he’ll be that lucky – we’ll see tonight when he is back.

At Perrache I turned east and headed towards the Parc Blandan. This is a park I have run in only a couple of times during the Lyon Running Crew group run on a Wednesday night. I never can find my way there easily, nor back to the river again, either. Still,  had checked it out on the map before heading out the door and it looked straightforward, if a little inefficient, if I just followed the tramline to a street named after Czechoslovakia and then turned left. My plan worked, I found the park, ran through it and then headed for home.

I got back to the Rhone, headed upriver to the Cours Lafayette, and then crossed over the bridge to click stop right near the Place Bellecour.

So how am I holding up after what is now 176km in the last 7 days?

Injuries? Not really. One of the toes on my left foot is sore when I walk on it but not really when I run on it. I put some ice on it last night and I will do the same tonight again. There’s no bruising or swelling and the nail looks fine. Other than that, though, I’m none the worse for wear.

Tired? Yes, I am. Probably tired in a good way, but tired nonetheless. This week will be a shorter, sharper week, and I’ll have plenty of other things to keep me busy besides running, anyway.

Outlook? Positive. I think I have entered 2017 with a good idea of what I want to achieve on my feet this year. I think my races are spread out enough to allow for some last minute additions if things look interesting or is a ‘journey run’ appears on the radar. I also think they make sense in terms of graduated difficulty: a fat-ass 100K in February with no pressure, a 12 hour race in April, a 24 hour race in May, then a break until the Ultratour du Leman in September.

It’s going to be a great year, and I’m glad to be starting on the right foot, so to speak.

Distance: 15.1km

Elevation: 43m

Time: 1:23:22


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