I ran last night and this morning I decided to enjoy a sleep in – 6:00am is a sleep in, right? Cécile and I have friends coming around tonight so the chance of a post-apero run is probably nil and, as I want to run a little longer than an hour tomorrow morning, this left lunchtime for running Luckily for me the weather has been mild the last couple of days and so lunchtime running has been an option this week. Today, though, the mild weather had turned to bad weather: rain on my morning commute, more rain during the morning, and then still light rain as I headed out the door to get my run started just after noon.

No matter: I had a long sleeve t-shirt and the new Hardcore History podcast to be getting on with – I could handle a little rain.

I headed off into the Parc de Gerland and did the two kilometer loop that took me around the Pont Raymond Barre. An up and over, down to the confluence point, and then I looped back to the road to cross the bridge to Mulatiere. I figured that, since I was taking it nice and easy, I should throw in something of a challenge and so, around the half way point of the run, I headed up the stairs at Saint Foy.

I had done these stairs a number of times when preparing for the Ultra Boucle de la Sarra so I knew them well, but I wasn’t going for a record. Instead, I just wanted to keep things nice and even and decided to try and overtake a guy who was walking the stairs with a ‘most of the staircase’ head start on me.

I caught him on the second part of the climb and then, after I caught my breath at the top, I ran the steep downhill back down to the river and across the bridge again. Back on the other side of the Saone, I crossed the VERY busy road, passed the museum, and then headed back around the Halle Tony Garnier to the Casino supermarket where I pushed stop on the Garmin and went inside to grab myself a ham sandwich for lunch. Washed down with a cold Coke Zero, this passed for lunch before I started back to the office to shower, change, and get this blog post up before having to get back to work.

Easy, huh?

Distance: 8.3km

Elevation: 91m

Time: 39:42


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