Yesterday I headed out for a long run and didn’t eat anything before going. Or while I was running. Or drank anything other than water.

And I bonked. Hard.

I knew what it felt like to run out of fuel and I pledged to learn from that and so, this morning, I did things a little bit differently.

To start with, I ate some breakfast. I had made some scrambled egg muffins with lardons in them last night and I ate two of them. I drank a cup of coffee, and instead of carrying water in my hydration pack I dropped an electrolyte tab into the water in my handheld and headed out the door.

I aimed to get a couple of hours of running in this morning knowing that I would be running another hour later tonight with the Lyon Running Club. I headed straight up the street to the Croix Rousse, slogged my way up the Grande Cote, and then headed towards the Voie de la Dombes. It was familiar terrain and, save for the slow split getting up the stairs on the Grande Cote, I was keeping pretty even splits. Indeed, most of the run this morning was completed at between 5:00 and 5:10 pace, excluding the descent I ran where I clipped the legs around a little faster.

After that descent to Fontaines sur Saone I crossed over the bridge and headed back towards Lyon on the right bank of the river. There is no trail here so I was keeping an eye on the traffic and making sure I didn’t do anything silly. At the Pont Bocuse I crossed back to the left bank, ran past Jamie’s school, and then kept going until I reached the Isle Barbe right at the 18 kilometer point. I slowed to a walk and unscrewed the cap on my handheld ready to trefill it at the fountain there and then…nothing. It seems during winter the water line is turned off so no refill for me. Luckily I still had sufficient water left to complete the run so I walked and stretched for another hundred meters and then settled in to the end of the run.

I dropped down onto the trail next to the Saone and made my way back towards the city. The early morning sun had still not risen enough to bring warmth to the path and the short boardwalk sections were slippery with ice. Getting into Lyon, I pulled up off the path, crossed over the footbridge – this was also icy – and ran along the bottom of the Old City until I reached the Courthouse where I turned left onto the footbridge and headed for home.

Were my legs still tired from the day before? Yes. Did I feel better than I did the day before? Absolutely.

Let it not be said I cannot learn a lesson.

Distance: 23.6km

Elevation: 165m

Time: 2:03:45


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