We headed out to see the Tour de France pass through Montluel yesterday and we’re out again this afternoon to see the stage finish in Culoz. It’s turning into a nice summer tradition where we catch one or two stages as they pass near to Lyon and everyone in the family seems to enjoy the trip. Jamie is a big fan of the publicity caravan, I like seeing the race and watching it form up, and Cécile is really between the two enjoying the spectacle of the event and cheering on her favorite riders.

Before the race, though, I wanted to round out my week. I had planned to get back to a 50 mile/80 kilometer training week which I know, from experience, is where I need to be to prepare well for an ultramarathon. I have pushed well beyond this before and I am sure in the month or so ahead I will do so again, but I also know that at 80 kilometers I am running well and the more weeks like that I can string together, the better I do in the long run.

And so today, with 70km already banked for the week, I set out to do a nice easy 10km run. Nothing stressful, average tempo, and aiming to do nothing more than get my number up to where it needs to be.


I started off crossing the footbridge to the courthouse, then heading downriver on the Soane towards Mulatiere. This is a route I have run a few times before and it is nice in the morning as the breeze lifts off the river. As I got to the of the straight, however, I took the decision to stretch what was about a 4.3km ‘out’ section into a 5km ‘out’ section, and so I threw in a small loop.

I found a set of stairs that lifted me up a little from the road, then looped back around on a nice descent to find myself back at the traffic lights again. I crossed over the bridge and then – in my second diversion from the normal route – I ducked under an overpass and found my way down to the banks of  the Soane again.

From here it was a straight shot upriver to Confluence, a quick up-and-over on the footbridge spanning the marina, and then back onto the riverside path again. I ran the path until Perrache, then cut around the Place Carnot, shot down the Rue Victor Hugo, and crossed Bellecour before clicking stop on my Garmin as I got to Jacobins.

The 80 kilometer week? In the bag – and now it’s off to get prepped for the Tour de France!

Distance: 10.1km

Elevation: 103m

Time: 51:29


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