No running this weekend as Jamie and I enjoy a ‘boys weekend’ just before he heads back to school on Monday. We’ve been enjoying the sun, the shopping, a little bit of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, and we also took the chance to do something we’ve been trying to do since moving back into the city center: go to the theater.

The Comedie Odeon is a theater nearby that has a show for children on Saturday afternoons. We’d tried to go once before but didn’t manage to get tickets, but we got ourselves organized this time around and got great seats in the fourth row for the show, La Royaume Sur La Décharge.

It was a two person show and very inventive. Not only was it funny and not only did it involve the audience in some great ways, it also had a nice and relevant message for the kids with regards to treating others nicely no matter how different they might be. I don’t know if you could call it a twist, but the surprise about half way through that set the scene for the rest of the show was marvelously well revealed and had great impact on the youngsters in the audience.

After the show Jamie had a chance to say hello and thank you to the cast members and also to leave with a couple of coloring-in worksheets which he quickly dived into at home. All up, it was a great show and I think he really had a great time doing something that he had only done at school before. I think we’ll be back to the Odeon.

Image from Comedie Odeon.

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