I stayed up late last night watching the classic movie The Guns of Navarone. Staying up late means that starting early is generally a no go, at least if I want to enjoy the morning run and the day that follows. Hence, I didn’t get started on my way this morning until about 8am. With 20km on the cards and the sun starting to heat up the city even this early in the morning, I was searching for shade even in the opening kilometers.

In my ears to distract me from the heat, however, was the latest Hardcore History podcast, King of Kings III. This is actually the third and final part in Dan Carlin’s historical account of the Persian empire and the episode comes in at over five hours. I got the first part in during the long run on Sunday, another hour or so in yesterday in the sauna conditions here in Lyon, and I finished it off today. As ever, Carlin puts out fantastic material and it’s well worth getting your hands on if you are interested in quality audio and historical storytelling.


As I said, the goal this morning was to run in the shade wherever I could. This being the idea, I set off up the Soane towards the Isle Barbe knowing that the path and the wall that borders it on one side would cast a nice shadow over the trail all the way up to the island. It was a nice run and there were a few other runners who had the same idea. When I got to the Isle Barbe bridge I threw in the 1km loop that takes me slightly further up the river before turning back to cross the river and start back towards Lyon on the right bank.

Here, again, I was happy to be running under trees for the most part, though I knew I would run out of tree cover when I got to Valmy and the city of Lyon proper. It occurred to me, though, that I could cut through the tunnel beneath Croix Rousse and enjoy the 1700m of cool air and no sun on the way towards the Rhone. Perfect, right?

On the other side of the tunnel I dropped down onto the singletrack trail next to the Rhone and realized it is increasingly overgrown. My legs are a little itchy from the various grasses and trees that scratched my legs on the way along this trail and I think I’ll have to pop the compression sleeves on my calves next time I am planning to run along here to stop from getting too scratched. Still, it’s a great little trail and, after popping over the bridge to the Cite Internationale, I hit the Parc de la Tete D’Or and the shade on the running trail there for the final quarter of the run.

Just before leaving the park I filled up my handheld water bottle again, tipped a fair bit of it over my head, then refilled again for the last couple of kilometers home. King of Kings III was coming to an end so I switched to some trance music for the final push, and then it was just a final bridge crossing, a cut through Cordeliers, and then clicking stop on the Garmin at Jacobins to round out a nice morning run.

Distance: 20km

Elevation: 98m

Time: 1:41:26


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