Today was the first day back running after four days off following the CIEC 6 Hour on Saturday. I was originally planning on getting back into things yesterday but I think I benefited from the extra day off. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to recovery, right?

The goal of today’s run was two-fold: to get back and run for about 10km so as to restart the training cycle, and to test out some new shoes.

I call them new shoes as, technically, they are new: the 2016 Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3’s in bright blue with purple trim. However, as they are essentially the same shoe as my 2015 Terra Kiger 3’s, it was more a case of ‘new color’ than ‘new shoe’.


I set off heading down through the Place Croix Paquet and towards the Saone. Descending the stairs I could feel the niggle in my leg flaring up and the first couple of kilometers had me conscious of the movement in my upper thigh. I don’t know what this is though I do know that, given a couple of days rest before the ultra, it didn’t cause me any problems. It’s something to keep an eye on at the moment, no more.

I followed the trail alongside the Saone until the Passerelle de la Paix where I crossed over the river and entered the Parc de la Feyssine. As I was aiming for about 10km all up I didn’t go all the way to the end of the park and instead turned around about half way through. Heading back to from whence I came I played around on the trails and twisted and turned a little but, sadly, the GPS seemed to die under the canopy of the trees so this didn’t appear on the map.

I hit the Passerelle again and crossed back over the Saone but instead of turning for home I headed into Saint Clair instead. I had to get something for dinner on the way home and had been tossing up between the supermarket near the Place des Terreaux (on the flat) or at Croix Rousse (on the hill). Juicy by the Notorious B.I.G. was thumping in my ears, I was finally hitting my stride – the niggle had disappeared – and so I went with the hill.

Climbing the Rue Eugene Pons was not difficult but I also wasn’t pushing too hard. I wasn’t looking to set any records today and, indeed, my time for the hill was one of the three worst times I have for that Strava segment. Still, I’m learning that pushing hard every time is not going to make me run faster on race day and I managed to feel good climbing which is a bonus.

Cresting the hill I cut into the heart of the Croix Rousse, circled around to the Mur des Canuts, and then closed things up outside the Monoprix supermarket. The 10km were in the bank, the shoes were feeling good, and I was back into things: juicy, indeed.

Distance: 10.1km

Elevation: 122m

Time: 52:34


Image by InSapphoWeTrust.

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