I’m six days out from the first ultramarathon of the season and well into taper mode. It’s a little frustrating not to be doing longer runs but I know it is all for good reason. These short runs, though, make for a chance to spend some time with the family and – as this afternoon – match up a run with some family outdoors time.

With the weather getting fine Jamie was keen to take his bike out and enjoy the arrival of spring. He had wanted to head downtown to a little park we had found the day before but I know that – when the Sunday strollers are about – the center of town is a hassle for a six-year-old on a bike. Instead, I convinced him to come up the hill with me to the Voie de la Dombes and explore the trail with me. I would run, he would ride, and I would get a nice Sunday afternoon session in, if at a slower pace than normal, while tiring him out at the same time. Perfect!


We caught the metro up to Cuire and then started down the Voie de la Dombes. It is a little stressful running near him as he is either a few meters behind and I cannot see him, or he is steaming ahead and I’m worried he’ll hit one of the families, runners, mountain bikers, or dogs we shared the trail with. He managed fine, though, and we stopped for him to have a drink from my handheld a couple of times before turning around and heading back to a playground we had spotted on the way along the trail. It was a little less than halfway for the afternoon but he wanted to play and needed a rest, so I didn’t mind.


Leaving the playground and it was a straight shot back home. We went back the way we came and then, at the metro station, continued over the plateau towards Croix Rousse. Jamie had a bit of a mishap negotiating a curb and managed to come off his bike, but as he was barely at walking pace he wasn’t hurt. We continued on over the Croix Rousse before dropping down the Grande Cote and turning onto our street. A few minutes later we were home, jumping in the shower, and happy to have knocked over a nice run and bike ride on a Sunday afternoon.

Looking ahead to the week I have only one run planned for Wednesday evening after work. I will skip the Lyon Running Club run on Wednesday night and instead try and knock over a gentle 45 to 60 minutes on my own at 5:00 pace. If I can do that, feel good, and finish without an injury, I think I will be more than ready for the race on Saturday. The countdown is well and truly on and I’m looking forward to a great race day.

Distance: 8.4km (3.7km + 4.7km)

Elevation: 76m (32m + 44m)

Time: 47:35 (21:29 + 26:06)

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