A post-work run today and – with a good night’s sleep and a reasonable day of work behind me – it was another run that felt pretty good. Truthfully, the run was a little slower than yesterday’s lunchtime effort, but it also included a nice climb which accounted for most of the slowdown.

I started off heading upriver on the left bank of the Saone with the goal of turning off the path at about the five kilometer mark. I always manage to get this wrong despite having run this hill a number of times after the warm up on the way out. There’s a ramp up to the road at about 4.7km and one at 5km and I always take the early one for no good reason. I always end up in the same place…and always cursing myself for not trusting the GPS and turning off at the right place.

But anyway…

The sixth kilometer is basically all uphill and, of the 90m of vertical gain in this afternoon’s run, 77m was right here. I had to power hike the top of the climb (“had to” being code for “had to in order to avoid red-lining on the heart rate monitor”) but I got going after that again and prepared to run the flat and downhill across the plateau and down into town.

The final four kilometers was pretty easy and I kept a nice pace up throughout. The 10K mark ticked over in a Dad-approved 48:53 and I closed out the run in front of Hema just before closing time. Did I snag some last minute jellybeans? I have to admit I did – and I hope that they’ll taste as good as they always do!

Distance: 10.5km

Elevation: 90m

Time: 51:08


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