It’s a big day tomorrow as it is my last official day at DOZ. I’m ready to make the change and eager for the exciting new challenges ahead but, before tomorrow, there’s today and I had a couple of kilometers to put in. With an extra long day yesterday, I thought a short five kilometer session along the river after work would be enough to keep me on track to hit the weekly goal, and so that’s what I did.


I walked down to the Soane and decided to do a simple out-and-back. I figured that somewhere around Confluence I would be at the half way mark and so, heading off down the river, I just enjoyed the afternoon sun and the sights along the way. There were small boats turning circles on the water, teenagers drinking beers along the banks, and more than a couple of small groups of nerds playing Pokemon Go – yes, the craze that is sweeping the world is now live and in Lyon. Oh, joy…

I made the turn when I got to the pond near Confluence and started heading back upriver. On the way back I had the breeze in my face which helped in cooling me down in the middle of this heatwave here in France. I kept the pace nice and consistent, and tried to stay under 5:00 kilometers which, by the end, I had managed without an issue. Indeed, even with the short staircases up and down along the river I managed to average 4:48 which, considering I wasn’t pushing hard at all, I was happy with.

I clicked stop just outside the boulangerie and grabbed some bread for tonight’s meal, as well as a baguette to throw in the freezer for tomorrow morning, my last day at work. By Friday evening I had planned to be at 45km total which means I need to turn over about 12 or 13km tomorrow. It’ll have to be an evening run, I think, as I am due in at work at 7am to meet the cleaners. Still, this does mean I’ll be able to leave a little early so I should be able to run in the early evening without disturbing the family too much.

One more day…

Distance: 5km

Elevation: 15m

Time: 24:04


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