Today was my last run with an old friend: my Terra Kiger 3’s in Blue.

When it comes to shoes I have been a fan of Nike’s for ages and running in the Terra Kiger 3’s for the last couple of years. Nike recently released the Terra Kiger 4’s and I haven’t bought a pair yet as I still have an unopened pair of 3’s in Olive to work through before then. The blue colored pair, though, has done its work and is due for retirement, consigned now to the cupboard until I really need them for an early morning, driving rain run where I don’t really want to have my ‘current’ shoes soaking wet for the whole day.

These shoes have taken me through a couple of different ultras including the Ultra Boucle de la Sarra and the Sri Chinmoy 50K and, frankly, I couldn’t be happier with how they’ve held up. The Terra Kiger 3 is a great shoe and I’ve been keeping my eyes open for loose pairs on sale online because I know they fit my feet so well. The 4’s will likely be good as well, of course, but when you have something that works, you stick to it, right?

Anyway, the baby blues are out and, tomorrow, the TK3’s in olive will be heading out for their first run.

This afternoon’s effort came as I had some stomach issues – rumbling tummy, too much gas – that I am blaming on the apero we ate last night. There were a few foods I don’t usually eat in the mix and I think they found their way into my digestive track not long before I headed out the door. In any case, while I wasn’t feeling great, I wasn’t feeling bad, either, and I was looking forward to an hour on my feet.

I headed across the Saone to the base of the Old City, made my way past Saint Jean, Saint George, and then turned up the hill to start the climb of the afternoon up above Mulatiere and Saint Foy. It’s a tough climb any day but the heat made it a little harder again, and the fact that I was also pushing things added up to a faster-than-normal ascent. I scored a PB for the Strava segment going up and then settled in to the slow but steady ascent to Saint Foy.

My trouble along this section was finding shade as, despite the mid-20’s temperature, I was feeling the heat. When I eventually turned for the river again and began the downhill, I was happy to find some trees and a nice staircase with high walls protecting me from the sun. This was only temporary, however, as I emerged on the other side to the same hot sun, but this time exposed to the full heat as I cut across the Saone again to the Confluence district.

I chose to go along the river back to the center of town because, with a rumbling tummy, I knew there were a couple of toilet blocks along the way¬†just in case. I didn’t end up needing to stop, though my 8th kilometer was particularly slow as I moved through a series of should I stop/should I keep going moments. In the end, I managed to keep moving forward in the heat and with the rumbling tummy, and I closed out the run on the Rue de Republique among the tourists and just in front of a fountain that looked like a great place to cool off on a Saturday afternoon.

Image: ProDirectRunning

Distance: 11.4km

Elevation: 131m

Time: 59:19


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